⚡ Are Car Dealers Ruining EVs? Michigan's Clean Energy Bill + 10 Ideas

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💡This week’s top ideas, summarized from our curated links.

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Solar as a work of art. “Many people associate clean energy installation with monotonous rows of blue panels behind a barbed wire fence. But that need not be the case at all! When energy developers are open to collaborating with local communities and open to engaging creative minds in the design process, renewable energy can be beautiful! It can also provide a range of co-benefits. Think of a solar park that doubles as a shaded picnic area and community garden. Solar can even be used to create works of public art!”

Contributed by Elizabeth Monoian, Founding Co-Director, Land Art Generator

Ideas from this week’s curated links (in no particular order):

  1. Autonomous drone assessments of large buildings: Using autonomous drones to assess air leakage in large buildings can provide accurate data for identifying energy inefficiencies and implementing targeted improvements. (Source...)

  2. Significant reduction in fossil fuel reliance from innovative legislation: Michigan's clean energy legislation aims to address the state's unusually high dependence on fossil fuels, with nearly two-thirds of its current electricity supply coming from fossil fuel sources. (Source...)

  3. Drone inspection of solar farms: Drones equipped with cameras and thermal imaging technology are employed to inspect vast solar farms from the air, quickly identifying damaged or malfunctioning solar panels and ensuring the long-term performance of solar arrays. (Source...)

  4. Dual benefits of dairy digesters: Dairy digesters not only capture greenhouse gases and produce renewable energy but also enhance the nutrient value of manure, improving soil quality and reducing the need for commercial fertilizers. (Source...)

  5. Bolstering data collection on waste management: Enhancing data collection in Austin can provide valuable insights and inform decision-making to optimize waste management strategies. (Source...)

  6. Accurate modeling of EV usage: Developing accurate models that reflect real-world EV usage patterns is crucial for policymakers to estimate emissions savings and plan for the future of electric transportation. (Source...)

  7. Incentivizing high-mileage EV usage: Creating incentives for high-mileage drivers to choose EVs can maximize emissions savings and promote the adoption of electric transportation technology. (Source...)

  8. Improve EV education from car dealerships: Sales representatives at car dealerships often lack the time and knowledge to educate customers about the differences and benefits of electric cars. (Source...)

  9. Private sector innovation in smart infrastructure: Public-private partnerships allow cities to tap into the private sector's expertise in waste management, transportation, energy, and smart infrastructure, fostering the development of modern, environmentally friendly urban environments. (Source...)

Curated links, handpicked and summarized.

⚡️ Clean Energy

  • Why Michigan’s clean energy bill Is a really big deal: Michigan's Clean Energy Bill marks a pivotal stride toward 100% clean electricity by 2040, setting a precedent in the transition from a fossil-fuel-heavy baseline. (Read More…)

  • How Robots are shaping the future of solar energy discovery: Robots enhance solar energy efficiency, slashing maintenance costs and boosting the performance of renewable energy systems. (Read More…)

  • Dairy farmers generate renewable energy: Dairy digesters turn manure into biogas, a renewable energy source, reducing waste and greenhouse gases while generating electricity. (Read More…)

  • ExxonMobil is also a lithium company now: ExxonMobil's venture into lithium production is pivotal for renewable energy, as lithium is crucial for the batteries that power electric vehicles and store renewable energy. (Read More…)

  • Climate tech investing surges in the third quarter: The surge in climate tech investing highlights a growing financial commitment to combating climate change through innovation and decarbonization efforts. (Read More..)

🚙 Mobility & Transport

  • Car Dealers Are The Biggest Barrier To The Electric Car Revolution In the US: Dealerships struggling with the EV shift highlight the market's adaptation challenges, underscoring the disruptive impact of affordable electric vehicles like Tesla's $27k model. (Read More...)

  • New Study Finds Electric Vehicles Are Driven Less Than Gas Cars: The study challenges the emissions savings assumptions of EVs by showing they are driven less than gas cars, impacting their environmental benefits. (Read More…)

  • EV sales are rising. So why are automakers nervous? Rising EV sales amidst automaker concerns highlight the volatility and growth pains within the electric transportation technology sector. Despite rising EV sales, the market share of EVs has only increased by 0.7% from Q2 to Q3, causing concern among automakers. (Read More…)

🏠 Buildings & Cities

  • Energy efficiency measures could save buildings more than 31% annually, study finds: Energy efficiency measures highlighted in the study are fundamental to sustainable building, promising significant annual savings and reduced energy consumption. (Read More…)

  • Austin, Texas, releases zero waste plan as population booms: Austin's zero waste plan aligns with smart city goals by promoting sustainability and efficient resource management amidst rapid urban growth. (Read More…)

  • How Public-Private Partnerships Shape Urban Development: Public-private partnerships are pivotal in fostering smart cities by enabling the integration of private tech and innovation into urban infrastructure. (Read More...)

  • China emissions could fall in 2024 on renewables jump: China's renewable energy surge is set to drive a decline in emissions by 2024, spotlighting a pivotal shift in the global energy landscape. (Read More...)

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