🌎 Do people actually hate living near solar and wind farms?

Plus, an EV fee for highways and what are the greenest US cities

Good morning. This is your weekly debrief on what’s driving the clean energy transition. I’m on vacation this week so it’ll be a quick one.

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  • Americans don’t hate living near solar and wind farms as much as you might think

  • Senators propose EV fee for highways

  • What are the greenest US cities?

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A few good links

⚡️ Clean Energy

  • Americans don’t hate living near solar and wind farms as much as you might think - Many Americans support renewable energy infrastructure, but experts say progress can be impeded by a small, yet vocal, opposition. (via Washington Post)

  • Why the Rush to Mine Lithium Could Dry Up the High Andes - The demand for lithium for EV batteries is driving a mining boom in an arid Andes region of Argentina, Chile, and Bolivia, home to half the world’s reserves. Hydrologists are warning the mines could drain vital ecosystems and deprive Indigenous communities of precious water. (via Yale E360)

  • US solar farms are aging. Is it time to begin repowering? - Some 23 GW of U.S. solar farms contain inverters that will need to be replaced over the next five years. But repowering might not unfold in the solar industry the same way it did for wind. (via Utility Dive)

  • Dominion Energy Sets Ambitions on Second Massive US Offshore Wind Farm - Dominion Energy Inc., which is developing one of the largest US offshore wind farms, is already making plans for another similar-sized project off Virginia’s coastline. (via Bloomberg)

  • Offshore wind turbines need rare earth metals. Will there be enough to go around? - China dominates production of the crucial metals, and wind companies are scouring the globe for more sources. (via Grist)

🚙 Mobility & Transport

  • Senators Propose EV Fee for Highway Trust Fund - Legislation to ensure electric vehicles contribute to a federal highway funding account was recently introduced in the U.S. Senate. (via Transport Topics)

  • What’s Next for Alternative Fuels? - What will be the next step in the investments of alternative fuels and electric vehicles for fleets? The guests in our latest Transport Topics’ Magazine Event Series, SPARK, offer insight. (via Transport Topics)

  • Ford unveils F-150 Lightning 'Flash' 320-mile range, high-tech cabin, heat pump for $70K - A new electric truck will make its debut in Ford’s portfolio next year: the F-150 Lightning Flash. (via Electrek)

  • Tesla cuts Model 3, Y price again: Is an EV price war here yet? - The Tesla Model Y and Model 3 now cost well below $40,000 in their base versions if you can claim the EV tax credit. Most other EV makers haven't followed with official price cuts quite yet. (via Green Car Reports)

  • GM agrees to place EV battery manufacturing under UAW agreement - General Motors (GM) has agreed to place battery manufacturing for electric vehicles (EVs) under its main agreement with the United Auto Workers (UAW) union, UAW President Shawn Fain announced on Fr… (via The Hill)

🏠 Buildings & Cities

  • Cities worldwide keep building in flood zones, despite mounting risks - "We invest in flood zones more than safe zones," says the author of a report that finds construction in such areas has jumped 122 percent. (via Grist)

  • What are the ‘greenest’ US cities? - Personal finance company WalletHub evaluated cities based on 28 key “green” indicators using data from 21 sources. “A well-run city is likely to also be a reasonably green city,” an environmental scientist said. (via Smart Cities Dive)

  • Building a bike-friendly city - Smart Cities Dive looked at the bike-friendly features of the top large, medium and small cities for bike riders in the U.S., as named by nonprofit People for Bikes. (via Smart Cities Dive)

  • How Maine Became the Heat Pump Capital of the US - One in five new homes in the Pine Tree State has a heat pump, making Maine a blueprint for other states looking to implement Inflation Reduction Act rebates. (via Bloomberg)

Startup funding

  • Electric Hydrogen raises $380 million to transform the economics of green hydrogen production

  • Defense startup Mach Industries closes $79M Series A at $335M valuation

  • Robotaxi startup Glydways raises $56 million

  • Amperon raises $20 million Series B to accelerate energy analytics and grid decarbonization

  • Jetson raises $15M from Will.i.am and others for a personal electric flying vehicle

  • Vibrant Planet raises $15M Series A to help PG&E and others trim their wildfire risk

  • Peak Energy launches from stealth with $10M investment to accelerate the renewable energy transition

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