⚡️ Rising grid battery capacity

Plus, Rivian's ultimate truck and climate travel lessons

Good morning. This is your debrief on what’s driving the clean energy transition.

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  • The remarkable rise of California’s grid battery capacity

  • Rivian’s quest to build the ultimate truck

  • Climate travel lessons from this summer

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Startup funding

  • Amperon raised $20 million from Energize Capital, the D. E. Shaw group, Veriten, HSBC Asset Management, Ørsted, and another strategic utility partner to work on accelerating energy analytics and grid decarbonization.

  • Mapbox raised $280M from SoftBank to work on bringing AI into the car, with new ADAS features for automated driving and safety that work across a wider range of roads and more geographic locations, and to enhance its efforts in automotive electrification and location intelligence.

  • Continuum Industries raised $10M from Singular, Credo, Playfair, Techstart Ventures, and various angel investors to work on their AI-powered platform, Optioneer, which enables power, utility, and renewables companies to visualize, analyze, and assess routing options for various energy infrastructures.

  • Elevation raised $20 million from Bernhard Capital Partners to work on integrated residential energy solutions.

  • H55 raised CHF 45M in Series C funding from ND Capital, Tippet Venture Partners, RTX Ventures, and private investors to work on accelerating the commercialization of electric and hybrid propulsion solutions and battery systems for the emerging electric aviation industry.

  • Morrow Batteries raised up to €70M from Å Energi, PKA (Maj Invest), Siemens Financial Services, ABB, and Nysnø to work on the development of sustainable batteries and support continued growth and the construction of the Morrow Industrialization Center on the Battery Coast of Southern Norway.

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