⚡️ Tesla $100M supercharger sale

Plus, Solar's dominate pace to 2050 and GHGH reduction by cities

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  • Solar power’s dominate pace

  • Tesla is selling Superchargers to BP

  • GHG reduction and the role of cities

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⚡️ Clean Energy

  • Solar power expected to dominate electricity generation by 2050 – even without more ambitious climate policies - Solar energy is set for a rapid expansion – but only if several barriers are overcome, according to new research. (via The Conversation)

  • The case against the US government’s big 'blue hydrogen' bet - A slice of the $7B in federal “hydrogen hub” funding will go to creating hydrogen with fossil gas and carbon capture. Advocates say that’s an emissions disaster. (via Canary Media)

  • EU announces plan to support struggling wind farm industry - The European Commission announced an action plan on Tuesday to keep Europe's wind industry in a global leadership position, including measures to boost financial support through export credit agencies and the European Investment Bank. (via Reuters)

  • Carbon Capture Desperately Needs a Reality Check After Lost Decade - The technology is held up as indispensable for meeting climate goals even as deployments continue to disappoint. (via Bloomberg)

  • Biden-Backed Battery Firm Plummets After Pausing Construction - Li-Cycle Holdings Corp., which is set to receive significant backing from the Biden administration, saw its share price slashed nearly in half after announcing it would pause construction on a first-of-its-kind lithium-ion-battery recycling plant. (via Bloomberg)

🚙 Mobility & Transport

  • Tesla is selling $100 million worth of Superchargers to BP in first of its kind deal - Tesla and BP announced a deal where the former will sell $100 million worth of Supercharger hardware. (via Electrek)

  • Auto execs are coming clean: EVs aren't working - From GM to Tesla to Mercedes, execs across the auto industry are tempering expectations on electric vehicles. (via Business Insider)

  • Hertz pulls back on EV plans citing Tesla price cuts, high repair costs - Hertz now has 35,000 Tesla vehicles and around 50,000 electric vehicles in its fleet. (via CNBC)

  • Toyota Chairman Says People Are Finally Seeing the Reality About EVs - Akio Toyoda said the electric-vehicle industry was coming to recognize that there isn’t a single answer to reducing carbon emissions. (via WSJ)

  • Colorado passes mandate for 82% electric vehicle sales by 2032 - Colorado's air regulators passed a rule requiring 82% of vehicles on sale to be electric by 2032. (via The Colorado Sun)

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🏠 Buildings & Cities

  • Building Greener Cities: Climatetech’s Important Role In GHG Reduction - Well-designed policies and coordinated infrastructure development can attract private capital and bring climatetech solutions into the market (via Forbes)

  • 6 innovative startups that are kicking CO2 out of cement and concrete - Cement-making is a 150-year-old process. These companies are using new additives, chemistries and methods that could curb the industry's oversize climate impact. (via Canary Media)

  • When Recycling Comes to the Construction Industry - New buildings account for more than one in every 10 tons of carbon emissions worldwide, forcing the industry to change its ways. (via Bloomberg)

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Startup funding

  • Husk Power Systems raised $103M in a Series D round from Shell Ventures, Swedfund, ENGIE Rassembleurs d’Energies, and others to work on solar mini-grids in Africa.

  • Organic flow battery developer secured $106M growth investment to work on organic flow batteries.

  • Inlyte Energy landed $8M in a seed round led by At One Ventures with participation from First Spark Ventures, Valo Ventures, TechEnergy Ventures, Climate Capital, Anglo American, and others to revive a 50-year-old battery technology.

  • Faction Technology, Inc. raised an undisclosed amount in a new funding round led by TDK Ventures with participation from Ducera Partners, Trucks Venture Capital, and Fifty Years to work on driverless-vehicle technology.

  • Harvest Thermal secured over $11M in funding led by Earth Foundry with investments from MUUS Climate Partners, Starshot Capital, Portfolia, and others to work on its smart thermal battery designed to make heat pumps smarter, more efficient, and cheaper to operate.

  • Byterat nabbed $4M in a seed round to streamline battery R&D by automating data collection and analysis.

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